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Shark Attacks

Sharks don't like the taste of us much. In fact for every shark that kills a human, a human kills two million sharks averaging one hundred million a year. Most shark attacks occur around popular beaches about one hundred feet away from the shore line. Sharks attack...

Knowing our Neighbors

Most sharks can't stop moving or they will drown because there is no water flowing through their gills. Sharks are especially active at night when they hunt. Some sharks migrate over very large distances like the Great White for food and breeding. Great Whites also...

King of the Ocean

Sharks play a very important role in the ocean which most fish do not. Sharks are top predators with little to no natural predators. They help keep other fish populations in check for a healthy population and functional and diverse ecosystem like a coral reef. The...

Goodbye SHARKS!

These predators that are on the top of the food chain help keep the oceans very large ecosystem balanced. Humans kill over 100 million every year, which is cause it these creatures to be on the extinction list. So if they are going extinct, predators like the grouper...

Shark Extinction

Sharks are very endangered and put on the top ten list of endangered species. Sharks are threatened by shark fishing, commercial fishing, commercial fishing by-catch, pirate fishing, bait drum lines, shark nets, chemical pollution, garbage which equals 14 billion...

Shark Finning Awareness

Shark finning is very popular due to "Shark Fin Soup" where the LIVE shark's fins are cut off for the meat as the main protein in the dish. The shark is then thrown back into the ocean. Sharks need water flowing through their gills always to survive, so without their...

10% of net profits are donated to Oceana, to help save our oceans and our sharks!



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